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WannaCry Ransomware

by Admin | 14th May 2017

WannaCrypt, or also known as WannaCry, is a new ransomware that wreaked havoc across the world, which spreads like a worm by leveraging a Windows SMB vulnerability (MS17-010) that has been previously fixed by Microsoft in March. This ransomware hit computer systems of hundreds of private companies and public organizations across the world which is believed to have the highest infection rate of all time. The Ransomware in question has been identified as a variant of ransomware known as WannaCry (also known as ‘Wana Decrypt0r,’ ‘WannaCryptor’ or ‘WCRY’). Like other dangerous ransomware variants, WannaCry also blocks access to a computer or its files and demands money to unlock it. Once infected with the WannaCry ransomware, victims are asked to pay up to $300 to remove the infection from their PCs; otherwise, their PCs render unusable, and their files remain locked. WannaCry attackers use a Windows exploit detected and tested by the NSA called EternalBlue, which was stolen and released by the Shadow Brokers hacking group over a month ago.The attack has been halted by a security researcher(@MalwareTechBlog) who bought the domain the ransomware uses to retrieve the payload to launch this attack, stopping the spread, this is not a permanent solution but has bought time for most organizations that were being infected.

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