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Roles and Functions

The role and function

As a part of its operations CIRT is implementing proactive and reactive measures. Proactive measures act before the incident and other events that could endanger the security of information systems occurs, in order to prevent or mitigate potential damage. Reactive measures present assistance in identifying the perpetrators and restore system in the working condition.

CIRT activities are:

Coordination and communication:

    Coordination of activities of local CIRT teams in Burkina Faso.
    Maintaining contact with other state bodies, legal entities and individuals in terms of preserving and improving information security
  Exchange of information with national CIRT teams of other countries through membership in international organizations

Prevention, treatment and elimination of consequences of computer security incidents on the Internet and other information systems security risks:

    Prevention is reflected in the proactive mode of action, which involves providing information and assessment of information security, vulnerability testing, collecting, recording and processing data on incidents, testing and implementation of new software and hardware systems for the protection of IT resources
    Data processing and elimination of consequences consists in: determining the occurrence and severity of the incident, the cause of the incident, the mediation in communication between all parties involved in the incident, the reporting of other CERT / CIRT / CSIRT teams, preparation of reports and warnings to other users, eliminating vulnerabilities in the system ,  protecting systems against possible incidents, forensic analysis

User education in the field of information security includes:

    Setting publications, manuals, software tools and other useful information relating to safer use of information technology on the web portal (
    Organizing courses and training on topics of: IT security and the possible means of protection and prevention of computer-security incidents

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