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Charter and Mission

  1. CIRT.BF will coordinate and assist government agencies in implementing proactive services to reduce the risks of computer security incidents as well as respond to such incidents when they occur.
  2. CIRT.BF will conduct awareness to educate the local population about the adverse effects of cyber threats and cybercrime.
  3. CIRT.BF will provide timely advisories to all constituents.

The detail missions

  • Analyze and manage security incidents and provide crisis management support in response to threats or attacks;
  • Provide alerts and facilitate exchanges and discussions among stakeholders for effective management of incidents;
  • Coordinate with sectoral UAGI (Units of Analysis and Incident Management) and other organizations from the public, and private to provide information specific alert and appropriate protective measures to be implemented;
  • Coordinate response actions with other specialized organizations at regional and international levels.
  • Promote and assist in the implementation of business continuity plans and contingency;
  • Educate users on security issues and help the rational use of cyberspace for a good protection of the users;
  • Provide community work of experts and professionals for better security of information systems;
  • Establish a technological watch on the security of information systems;
  • Join internationals organizations such as the GRC, FIRST IMPACT and others to better coordinate responses at regional and international level.
  • Conduct periodic reports and statistics on cybersecurity.

In addition to the tasks defined above, CIRT will evolve into a Security Agency of Information Systems with the following additional tasks:

  • Ensure implementation of national policy and general strategy of computer systems and networks;
  • Establish specific standards for the security of information systems and develop technical guides the object and proceed to publication;
  • Work to encourage the development of national solutions in the field of security of information systems and promote them in accordance with the priorities and programs that will be established by the agency;
  • Participate in the consolidation of training and retraining in the field of information systems security;
  • Ensure the implementation of best practices relating to the obligation of the periodic audit of the security of computer systems and networks.

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