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In order to secure its cyberspace, Burkina Faso, through the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (ARCEP) conducted a study in 2010 in conjunction with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which allowed develop the National Cybersecurity Plan. It is an important component of the national security of the digital economy.

The main axes of the National Cybersecurity Plan :

  • Reducing the vulnerability of cyberspace
  • Incident Management,
  • strengthening the culture of cybersecurity.

In order to implement the recommendations of the National Cybersecurity Plan on the basis of the defined axes, ARCEP, in conjunction with the ITU and IMPACT in 2012 led the project implementation of the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT).

The CIRT has a target of securing the digital economy of Burkina Faso in the management of security incidents and alerts.

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