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Report an activity that you believe is a violation of security such as cyberstalking, cyber bullying, cyber espionage, masquerades, identity theft, hacking, potential vulnerabilities and child pornography etc.


WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCrypt, or also known as WannaCry, is a new ransomware that wreaked havoc across the world, which spreads like a worm by leveraging a Windows SMB vulnerability (MS17-010) that has been previously fixed by Microsoft in March. This

Vulnerability Updates

DROWN attack risks millions of popular websites

An international team of researchers warned that more than 11 million websites and e-mail services protected by the transport layer security protocol are vulnerable to a new, low-cost attack that decrypts sensitive communications in few hours. The cybersecurity experts from universities in Israel, Germany and the US as well as a member of Google’s security […]

Steps to ensure child security online

Today, the Internet surrounds every aspect of our lives. From how we manage our banking accounts to how we connect with friends and family, the Internet is at the center of our activities.

2012 Bit9 Cyber Security Research Report Infographic

The dangers of delaying heightened cybersecurity

Congress has recessed until after the November elections without passing cybersecurity legislation, which a bipartisan chorus of prominent defense and intelligence officials says is urgently needed to protect our country’s economic and national security. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered an unvarnished assessment of the threat from cyberattacks when he told Congress in February: “We […]

White House to meet with House staffers over cybersecurity order

Obama administration officials plan to discuss a possible executive order aimed at improve cybersecurity with House aides. Caitlin Hayden, a White House spokeswoman, acknowledged on Tuesday that an interagency team, led by White House national security staff, met with Senate aides on Friday. She said the administration is planning to hold a similar session with House staffers […]

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